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The discovery of the buckminsterfullerene or Carbon 60 (c60) molecule, as it is better known, made history in 1985.   The molecule is  oil-soluble and when sonicated with our imported olive and coconut oils, This patented super fullerene is the purest most effective fullerene on the market, anywhere.   CLEAN MCT available by purchasing “Thor’s Thunder.” . 

"The first tests of lab-rats was done in Paris by Fathi Moussa at the University of South Paris in France where researchers periodically injected rats with a solution of buckyballs dissolved in olive oil. The rats lived an average of 42 months with some living as long as 62 months. Control rats injected with water had an average lifespan of just 22 months, and rats injected with olive oil alone lived to 26 months on average."   "New Scientist," 12-26-2012

Fullerenes have been known to manifest themselves naturally from the deepest, darkest regions of space vacuum, given the powerful forces of nature.  Carbon (fullerenes) is a known building block of life.  University Research has shown our   superfullerene to be  "an order of magnitude" more powerful than Carbon 60.  We are confident our superfullerene is the most powerful on the market in ridding the body of anti-oxidant stress, coupled with the finest of imported Greek, pesticide free olive oils and our non-hydrogenated coconut oils, you can be assured receipt of  the finest carbon fullerene product on the market. 


TOPICAL EIR Everlasting créme applied to the face, décolletage and other exposed areas of the skin, acts as  a skin protectant.  Our superfullerene sonicated and enfolded in luscious creamy folds, energizes your skin and provides a tawny glow.   

USE OF CARBON FULLERENES TOPICALLY:   Algiz, the Rune of  Protection, a shield. The protective urge to shelter oneself or others.  Carbon Fullerenes appear to have EMF protection, as well.


Peer Reviewed Studies:

Dagaz,    Rune of Alchemy and Transmutation, the rune of the dawn, enlightenment and clear inner vision, focus, energy.