What is your shipping policy?

 All single unit orders are shipped via USPS First Class Priority Mail (estimated delivery in 2 business days).  All multiple bottle orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail (delivery in 2-4 business days).  If your order falls on a postal holiday, we will ship the next business day.  FED EX Overnight is available. 


All orders are accepted for a single  shipment on one date to a single  address.  If you want a split shipment, make a secondary order.  An additional  $10.00 charge is required for split shipments made at your request.



We ship internationally only on multiple bottle orders and at an additional charge. Email us at sales@nano-o.us.  If you have your own FED-EX, DHL or UPS accounts, provide your account number along with your order number.   International orders are filled on a 3-5 day basis. 



How do I order wholesale?

Send your query to "sales@nano-o.us."


Any other questions?

Graphitic super fullerenes are FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY.

Legal Disclaimer

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DISCLAIMER: “Fullerenes have not been formally tested in humans nor approved in the United States for human consumption by any authorized government entity, or authority." Super fullerenes are sold FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY.