From our Lab to you:

Our Carbon Super Fullerene material consists of catalyst free spherical and polyhedral carbon nano onions (diameter of between 20-60 nm) with a carbon purity level of  > 99.9%, representing a different form of carbon fullerenes.

Our Greek Olive oil is First Press Extra Virgin 2017, with a delicious piquant taste.  This soft on the tongue, organic, no chemicals oil is exclusively from Patras, Greece.  Trees are from a family owned farm, personally known.  Our commitment is to high quality production using the best products on the international market, particularly in known areas where longevity is common.   

Each batch is sonified using 1 gram CFX20 pure carbon nano-onions.  The CFX20 Fullerenes are fully absorbed by the olive oil to the extent modern sonication allows. 
The solution is then sealed in heat sealed amber bottles, labeled and produced in small quantities for quality assurance and freshness.  Bottles are tamper-proof and maintained in a cool place.  We do not refrigerate, as this would damage the delicacies of the olive oil.  As batches are freshly made on order, we do not store product.  It moves quickly!

Our Extra Virgin Gold Label coconut oil is obtained from organic sources in the Philippines.  It is non-hydrogenated and cold milled in 2017.  We use only the freshest ingredients in our mixes. 

If you are searching for a pre-mixed solution not in our list, contact us about your own batch!

L. A. Chancey