Super fullerene C60 olive oil, coconut oil, MCT, EIR Creme, DragonFyre

      Welcome to our unique source of research grade super fullerenes, an order of magnitude greater than C-60, C-70 or C-80, a totally new super fullerene, sonicated in first press extra virgin Greek olive, mixed with organic traditional wet-milled non-hydrogenated coconut or MCT oils.  Our products are carefully prepared with the finest organic ingredients, sonicated, packaged and shipped on demand. 

Brunswick, GA September 25, 2019 -- NANO-O USA, LLC invites regular C60 researchers a leap to the next generation in fullerenes, Have you heard about SUPER FULLERENE? Not just marketing hype as some of the regular C60 proliferators claim. Super fullerene nano-o’s found here at offers an ultra-pure, carbon molecule providing saturated bioavailability. The nano onion carbon structure features multi-layered concentric shells nested around a C60 core. Forget about the simple 60 carbon atom fullerene sold as C60 in a single molecule. Our GRAFEX® super fullerene material delivers several million carbon atoms per molecule and NO HYPE.

"We found a way to nest fullerene shells with anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five units fused into a linear or branched polymer chain. This breakthrough means that you can get a significantly greater fullerene carbon count and activity in a single fullerene molecule," stated Chief Organic Chemist Tom Bailey PhD.

NANO-O USA, LLC’S sonicated super fullerene material is delivered in oils suitable to your preference. Choose from a non hydrogenated coconut/MCT Thor’s Thunder® or the DragonFyre® MCT olive oil/coconut oil combination. Among the many advantages of oils including clean MCT is the advantage of micro-dosing. GRAFEX® SUPER FULLERENE provides the next generation of Fullerene in a clean, easily ingestable, tasty on the pallette oil combo. Packing up to fifty million carbon atoms in a single molecule, GRAFEX® SUPER FULLERENE provides oxidative stress relief to major competitive sports athletes, celebrity musicians, focus driven business owners, seekers of longevity, seniors and many other research users suffering from oxidative stress.
GRAFEX® is distributed by NANO-O USA, LLC and available for purchase at WWW.SUPERFULLERENE.COM.

DISCLAIMER: “Our super fullerenes  have not been formally tested in humans nor approved  for human consumption by any authorized government entity, or authority." Super fullerenes are sold for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY, as are other C60 fullerene products. 

Have a question? Nano-o USA, LLC makes no claims as to health benefits. Go to our  "Research Studies"  page.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. The information provided herein should not be considered as a substitute for the advice of a medical doctor or other healthcare professional. As each individual is different, results may vary. As always, before you undertake any new regimen, consult your healthcare professional, functional medical physician, epigeneticist or compounding pharmacist. Product is nonrefundable and nonreturnable and is meant FOR PERSONAL & PRIVATE  RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY. 



super fullerenes


OUR 99.9% PURE CARBON SUPER FULLERENES MOLECULES ARE SONICATED USING THE FINEST SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS AVAILABLE TO ENSURE THOROUGH bonding OF GRAPHITIC MATERIALS. GRAFEX® SUPER FULLERENE provides the next generation of Fullerene. Sonicated up to fifty million carbon atoms in a single molecule, GRAFEX® SUPER FULLERENE provides extreme athletes, seniors and those impacted by oxidative stress with the most powerful antioxidant available today. You may be familiar with previous carbon nano-materials known as Carbon C60 or C70 normally made available and mixed by magnetic stirrers in olive oil. Every bottle of "DRAGONFYRE", and Thor's Thunder are sonicated with 99.99% pure carbon SUPER FULLERENE MOLECULES FOR ULTIMATE ABSORPTION INTO THE GUT BIOME. (

Far superior to the generic carbon designation appropriate to others; our material is altogether different, of an advanced nature superior in every way. Our fullerene is a spherical polyhedral multilayer nano-carbon. Carbon Super Fullerenes are bottled in a ratio of 1 gram of carbon per liter for Thor’s Thunder(TM).  DragonFyre(TM) contains 2 grams per liter. 400 mg of You will find 400mg sonicated fullerenes in 200 ml of oil (7.94 oz.), shipped in a 235ml bottle.

Dosages of 2mg/ml to well over 4+mg/ml taken and from >1 teaspoon to up to 2+ tablespoons once or twice a day is well tolerated and safe. Daily dosages in capsules ranging from 2.5 mg to over 60+mg/day (averaging 15mg – 30mg and 30mg – 60mg in cancer patients) produce a vast array of biological benefits and does not appear to produce adverse effects even with long term usage. (This is corroborated by a recently published article authored by Dr. Desantis, Dr. Kerna, and Dr. Bourassa.”

DISCLAIMER: “Our products have not been formally tested in humans nor approved for human consumption by any authorized government entity, or authority." Nano-o fullerenes are sold for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY. Have a question? Go to our Research Studies page and review some of the scientific studies via the links.  Copy & paste links to your browser.


Our 99.99% pure carbon graphitic super fullerenes are Aldo sonicated in coconut oils.

This product is known as "Thor's Thunder." 

Our sonicated graphitic super fullerenes  are blended and sonicated with non-hydrogenated  Virgin Coconut and MCT oils. Another variation, a little taste of honey propolis can be added on request in the comments section @checkout. “Honey Please.”


Minute quantities of the fullerenes, in the form of C60C70C76C82 and C84 molecules, are produced in nature, hidden in soot and formed by lightning discharges in the atmosphere. It is likely, fullerenes provided vital carbon for seeding life on earth.



Our  super fullerenes &  non-hydrogenated coconut oils are blended with a tincture  of anti-bacterial Helichrysum Oil, vitamins C, E, HYALURONIC ACID and shea butter.

Alchemy and Transmutation, Dagaz, the rune of the dawn, brings enlightenment and clear inner vision, focus, energy, in an oil based skin crème noir called EIR.

The product comes in 1.8 oz  clear jar w/lid.  Product is photosensitive and should not be exposed to light for extended periods of time until placed on skin. Each fullerene creme order comes with an Italian pump bottle (2 oz) of finishing oils, to be delicately lavished over facial areas to assist in absorption.



I used it nightly prior to going to bed.  It did wonders for my skin. I would definitely recommend it to others. I would love to try the new products.  Thanks,

Lisa Burns Pace, FL

It's still cool here in Idaho, I use the cream as moisture on my face.  The cream moisturizes  my face and leaves it with a sunny glow.  Nice to see during gloomy winter days.

R. Collins, Sand Point, Idaho