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This nonhydrogenated coconut oil blended with essential oils can be used on face, decolletage, skin exposed to the sun for the purposes of research in the removal and shrinkage of actinic keratosis.   Nourish your delicate epidermis experiencing skin rejuvenation with a moisturized, supple fragrance nuanced with the bounty and essence of Helichrysum oil, vitamins C, E, collagen, tea tree oil and Hawaiian anti-aging antioxidant Astaxanthin.

Carbon fullerenes in the EIR product have sun-screen effects, a moisturizing coconut cream base, protects your skin, reducing wrinkles,  while minimizing pores.  The product is delivered in an elegant hand-blown Italian pump bottle, a keepsake for women and a black jar, for men.   The product is light sensitive (as are all fullerenes) and is enclosed in a black velvet bag for safekeeping. 


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Our luxuriant organic products, the base of olive and coconut oils combines with the purest of fullerenes, UV protection and accentuated with Vitamins C, E, scar reducing creams, floral derivatives from the Everlasting Flower, may work wonders for you too!